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Underwater Inspections
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We are serving as well companies as public sector and private persons.

Our equipment can be operated by one man staff so we are able to accomplish
cost-effective also smaller jobs. Staff number is 1-3 depending the scale of the work.

So please, ask for an offer despite the possibly small scale of the job.
Seabotix extra cameras
We are operating in area that covers the whole Country. In addition we'll
even respond to sudden alerts inside Pirkanmaa Province 24/7.

It is an honour to us to be a reliable, flexible and professional partner.
Due to that Weltek Sukellus Ltd

has acquired liability insurance and when necessary sites will be insured


All the electric power of our equipment can be provided by our own

ROV - Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

ROV operates down to depth of 200m. Furthermore it is equipped with a cable

250m long. That is sufficient enough for Finnish maritime and fresh water locations. Lights
are powerful and appropriate to muddy and dark waters. Thanks to LYYN image
enhancing device we can separate essential an inessential image material.
Firstly ROV sonar locates the site and secondly it starts
to record video or shoot photos. In wintertime ROV can be controlled
through holes in ice cap. Using ROVs projects are safe and economical.
ROV can be equipped with
several high definition video and still cameras.

Operating with side scan sonars

With side scan sonar it is possible to create a clear picture of bottom
structures and constructions. You can inspect, survey and search different kind of submerged objects. When we
are sounding there are two possible options to operate: either using the "fish" diving near bottom
line or using the fixed pole/rig attached to boat's side. Right now our fish can swim down to 20 meters. It
is also possible to make soundings at stationary spots such as quaysides and piers for example.
Sonar can create 360 pictures and it can be operated by all boats and rafts. Side sonar imaging is
cost-effective to customer.


All the material generated by cameras and sonars can be recorded to PC. In
some occasions customer might want to watch or control how we operate on the site.
Therefore live video
can be seen on wide screen. We compose and edit camera shots to required movie and file format.
Additionally customer gets allways field report as a text file. Sonar images can be retouched and embedded into
desired map template spatial information included.
LYYN image enhancing device can separate essential and inessential image
material. It can be used on diver's helmet cam, at hand held shooting point or stationary control

Using professional divers

Sometimes it is necessary to examine site more profound.
Then well-founded
to use divers. We offer you professional divers through our partner network.
Using divers
we can offer more versatile repertoire of equipment. Urgent occasions service can be provided
quickly and divers can operate
also outside Pirkanmaa Province.

Combining diving robot's (ROV) and human diver's efforts work will be safer
and more efficient. Robot can document diver's work or support it. All the divers we work with are
licenced with inspection diver or professional diver qualifications.

Other Sevices

Drop cameras can be used for inspections in wells or to set up a control
We also carry out shippings on waterways and take samples for laboratories
etc. We can assist in every possible work carried out in water systems. It can be platform mounting,
pipe installation, fishing unwanted fish species etc.

Please take contact. We are very pleased to help you!

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